We are pleased to see that you have enjoyed your 2 trial lessons, and are looking to join to claim your FREE uniform and discounted membership.  

Please complete the form below and click Sign Me UP!  PLEASE NOTE: Our office hours are 9.30am to 3.30pm (Monday to Friday). 

We will receive your form and send you the direct debit details to be completed before your 3rd lesson.  The location instructor will hand out a new uniform once all is completed.

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Joining includes:


FREE Uniform


DISCOUNTED Membership  


Grading Record Booklet (excluding Ninjas)


Affiliation to the National Taekwon-Do Alliance (UK)


Syllabus Booklet


Our monthly training fees start @ £35.50 for once per week training.  FAMILY DISCOUNTS are applied accordingly, let us know above by selecting Option 2.