Why compete in competitions?

It’s important to ask ourselves, “why compete in competitions?” as our NTA UK competition draws near. Fortitude Academy understands how important it is to investigate the various advantages of applying your taekwondo skills to the competition arena.

Students gain confidence when they compete in taekwondo competitions. Simultaneously, participating in a competition accelerates students’ martial arts development. A day at the competition also provides a chance for family bonding, especially a family that trains together.

Students get the opportunity to discover their potential and develop confidence when they compete in a competition. Students discover that competition teaches them that it’s not always about winning or losing. Celebrate the bravery and courage it takes to perform in front of a panel of judges, realising that just turning up for the task is worth all the attention and accolades. Furthermore, a student acquires self-assurance in their triumphant achievement and acquires humility and modesty when they fail to win. Every student will inevitably experience both winning and losing in a competition at some point; this is a necessary part of the learning process and will aid in their personal and martial arts development. Your character is shaped by how you conduct yourself in both of these situations, not by winning or losing.

Participating in competitions enhances a student’s martial arts education. Students might frequently grow used to the instruction and style of their particular academy. Although this isn’t any less effective, it’s crucial to keep in mind that learning about the various training modalities might motivate pupils to improve their practise and perseverance. For both young and old students, pushing one’s own boundaries in a competitive setting may be enlightening and empowering. Students can be motivated to raise their own training standards by observing pupils from different academies. Students who compete also learn how to function well under duress. This helps with performance development in terms of grace, accuracy, and consistency.

Ultimately, a day spent participating in a competition unites the whole family to enjoy a singular experience. Siblings and parents can encourage the competitor and learn more about the world of taekwondo at the same time. Sitting in the chaos of a inter club competition is a very different experience than seeing a taekwondo lesson at the Fortitude facility. It’s an exciting and illuminating experience. A competition day provides understanding for the participant and, consequently, for our pupils’ families. A competition day is exciting and full of anticipation.

Overall, participating in taekwondo competitions helps you develop as a better martial artist. Nothing is lost and a lot is gained from this experience. A lasting memory is created, a newfound sense of confidence is gained, and numerous new training modalities are unveiled. Taekwondo competition is a great way to get experience under your belt at any age!


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