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Welcome to Fortitude Academy

We are so pleased that you are interested in starting a martial art and we hope that Fortitude Taekwon-Do Academy can offer you the setting you are looking for with the right balance of fitness & fun, whilst teaching you skills to protect yourself. We have a broad range of classes to suit everyone and whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished athlete we have classes tailored for you across all of our schools which cover Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We also operate a satellite location in Oldham. We offer plenty of opportunities to explore your skills as you progress with a rich calendar of events throughout the year (Seminars, Competitions and Camps).

Your trial is a FREE 2 Weeks and there is no limit on the number of classes that you can try during your trial; we feel it is important that you try as many local locations to you as possible.

We are sure that you will enjoy your trial so would like to offer you a further TWO CLASSES FREE when you’ve decided on your favourite location and join during your trial period.

When you have completed your trial and make a positive step to become a member we recommend training once per week for Ninjas and Dragons to build their skill level slowly and in time with their pattern of learning. For Juniors, Teens and Adults we recommend you pace your training with your level of fitness and may find two lessons a week as the right balance. Our training fees start at £34.50 per month for once per week training and we offer discounts for family members.

Please choose from our timetable below selecting the location you are interested in…

The Taekwon-Do Free Trial is open to all aged from 3 years and above; so to start your free trial simply complete the Booking Form by clicking on the Book Now button, which is incorporated in the location page you are interested in attending.

So don’t delay investigate your ideal location and book in for a FREE trial today!

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday15:4516:153 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday16:3017:156 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (White Belt to Green Stripe)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday17:3018:159 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (Beginners)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday19:3020:30AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday11:0012:00AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday15:4516:153 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday16:3017:156 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (White Belt to Yellow Belt)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday11:0012:00AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday17:3018:159 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadSaturday11:4512:309 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (Beginners)Book Now
Fortitude – OxtedWednesday16:0016:456 – 8TaekwondoOX DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – OxtedWednesday17:0017:459 – 12TaekwondoOX JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – HorshamWednesday18:0019:009 – 17TaekwondoHO Juniors / Teens (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – HorshamSunday10:0010:303 – 5NinjasHO NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – HorshamSunday10:4511:306 – 12TaekwondoHO Dragons / JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – HorshamSunday11:4512:3012 – 17TaekwondoHO TeensBook Now
Fortitude – LimpsfieldSunday10:0010:303 – 5NinjasOX NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – LimpsfieldSunday11:3512:35Adults, FamilyTaekwondoOX Family / Adults / TeensBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday9:159:453 – 6NinjasSTH NinjaBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday10:0010:456 – 8TaekwondoSTH DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday11:0012:00FamilyTaekwondoSTH FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsMonday17:3018:153 – 8TaekwondoTW Ninjas/DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsMonday18:3019:30FamilyTaekwondoTW FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – EdenbridgeWednesday17:0018:006 – 12TaekwondoED Dragons / JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – EdenbridgeWednesday18:1519:15FamilyTaekwondoED FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonTuesday18:0018:456 – 11TaekwondoCD Dragons/ JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonTuesday19:0020:00AdultsTaekwondoCD SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonFriday18:0018:45FamilyTaekwondoCD Dragons/ JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonFriday19:0020:00AdultsTaekwondoCD Adults/ SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonSaturday9:009:303 – 5NinjasCD NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonSaturday9:4510:306 – 11TaekwondoCD Dragons / Juniors Green belts and belowBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonSaturday10:4511:304 – 16TaekwondoCD Dragons / Juniors Blue stripes and aboveBook Now
Fortitude – CoulsdonSaturday11:4512:45FamilyTaekwondoCD FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Paddock WoodThursday16:3017:156 – 8NinjasPW DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – Paddock WoodThursday17:1518:009 – 12TaekwondoPW JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – Paddock WoodThursday18:0019:30FamilyTaekwondoPW FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Haywards HeathTuesday16:0016:303 – 5NinjasHH NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateMonday18:3019:30FamilyTaekwondoREI FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateWednesday18:3019:30FamilyTaekwondoREI FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateSaturday9:009:303 – 5NinjasREI NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateSaturday9:4510:306 – 8TaekwondoREI DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateSaturday10:4511:459 – 16TaekwondoREI JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – ReigateSaturday12:0013:00FamilyTaekwondoREI FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Maidstone – SaturdaySaturday10:4511:459 – 15TaekwondoMD Juniors / TeensBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday18:4519:306 – 11TaekwondoTW Dragons/ JuniorsBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday19:4520:45AdultsTaekwondoTW SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamMonday16:3017:003 – 5NinjasOLD NinjaBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamMonday17:3018:306 – 8TaekwondoOLD DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamMonday18:4519:45FamilyTaekwondoOLD Family ClassBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamMonday20:0021:00AdultsTaekwondoOLD AdultsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamTuesday16:3017:003 – 5NinjasOLD NinjaBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamTuesday17:3018:306 – 8TaekwondoOLD DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamTuesday18:4519:45FamilyTaekwondoOLD Family ClassBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamTuesday20:0021:00AdultsTaekwondoOLD AdultsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamWednesday16:3017:003 – 5NinjasOLD NinjaBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamWednesday17:3018:306 – 8TaekwondoOLD DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamWednesday18:4519:45FamilyTaekwondoOLD Family ClassBook Now
Fortitude – OldhamWednesday20:0021:00AdultsTaekwondoOLD AdultsBook Now
Fortitude – WrothamSaturday9:009:303 – 5NinjasWRO NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – WrothamSaturday10:4511:306 – 8TaekwondoWRO DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – WrothamSaturday11:4512:45FamilyTaekwondoWRO FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Coulsdon – KenleyWednesday19:3020:156 – 11TaekwondoCD Dragons / Juniors (Kenley)Book Now
Fortitude – Coulsdon – KenleyWednesday20:3021:30AdultsTaekwondoCD Seniors (Kenley)Book Now
Fortitude – Coulsdon – KenleySunday9:009:454 – 16NinjasCD Dragons/ Juniors (Green Belt and below)Book Now
Fortitude – Coulsdon – KenleySunday10:0010:456 – 11TaekwondoCD Dragons / Juniors (Kenley) Blue stripes and aboveBook Now
Fortitude – Coulsdon – KenleySunday11:0012:00FamilyTaekwondoCD Family (Kenley)Book Now
Fortitude – SevenoaksMonday16:3017:003 – 5NinjasSEV NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – SevenoaksMonday17:1518:006 – 12TaekwondoSEV Dragons / Juniors (White to Green Belt)Book Now
Fortitude – SevenoaksThursday16:3017:003 – 5NinjasSEV NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – SevenoaksThursday17:1518:006 – 12TaekwondoSEV Dragons / Juniors (White to Green Belt)Book Now
Fortitude – Maidstone – TuesdayTuesday18:1519:006 – 8TaekwondoMD DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – Maidstone – TuesdayTuesday19:1520:159 – 15TaekwondoMD Juniors/TeensBook Now
Fortitude – Maidstone – TuesdayTuesday20:3021:30AdultsTaekwondoMD AdultsBook Now
Fortitude – Haywards HeathSunday16:0016:303 – 5NinjasHH NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – Haywards HeathFriday16:0016:303 – 5NinjasHH NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – OxtedMonday18:3019:15FamilyTaekwondoWEST FamilyBook Now