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Literary and Social Institute,,  Lower Ground,,  East Grinstead,,  West Sussex,,  RH19 1BG.

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East Grinstead

Welcome to Fortitude Martial Arts East Grinstead

Martial Arts classes for the whole family! safe and friendly classes welcoming beginners….FREE 2 week trial!

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday15:4516:153 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday16:3017:156 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (White Belt to Green Stripe)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday17:3018:159 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (Beginners)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday19:3020:3016+, AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday11:0012:0016+, AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday15:4516:153 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday16:3017:156 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (White Belt to Yellow Belt)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday11:0012:0016+, AdultsTaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday17:3018:159 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadSaturday11:4512:307 – 12, FamilyTaekwondoEG FamilyBook Now

Why try out Martial Arts East Grinstead - FREE Trial!

We have been teaching our Taekwon-Do classes in East Grinstead since 2008, starting our classes at our full time, fully matted and equipped centre based at the Literary and Social Institute, Queens Road, RH19 1BG.

Throughout that time, we have taught thousands of people, adults, and children.  As a result, we have helped hundreds of people achieve black belt 1st degree.  Proudly, some of our longest standing students, many of whom joined as children, are at black belt 3rd degree and above, and are still training weekly enjoying the overall martial arts lifestyle.

Above all, we are dedicated to our students, providing highly motivating and enjoyable classes. Our students love learning Taekwon-Do with us, and our syllabus covers: Realistic Self Defence Techniques, Fitness Training, Stretching, Patterns and Sparring.

Throughout lockdown we have provided an online training syllabus, we have maintained progression providing monthly gradings.  We have continued with seminars and competitions.  Our students are our priority and our commitment to their training, fitness and mental wellbeing is our motivator.

We know you will not be disappointed in our service, contact us to trial during a lockdown. Try Martial Arts in East Grinstead for FREE!

Martial Arts East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Horsham

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