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Welcome to Fortitude Martial Arts East Grinstead

Martial Arts classes for the whole family! safe and friendly classes welcoming beginners. 

We have been teaching our Taekwon-Do classes in East Grinstead since 2008, starting our classes at our full time, fully matted and equipped centre based at the Literary and Social Institute, Queens Road, RH19 1BG.

Throughout that time, we have taught thousands of people, adults, and children.  As a result, we have helped hundreds of people achieve black belt 1st degree.  Proudly, some of our longest standing students, many of whom joined as children, are at black belt 3rd degree and above, and are still training weekly enjoying the overall martial arts lifestyle.

Above all, we are dedicated to our students, and care passionately about our student’s progression, providing highly motivating and enjoyable classes. Our students love learning Taekwon-Do with us, and our syllabus covers: Realistic Self Defence Techniques, Fitness Training, Stretching, Patterns and Sparring.

Throughout lockdown we have taught an online training syllabus through zoom, and have maintained progression providing monthly gradings.  On top of that we have continued to host seminars and competitions, all online.  

Our students are our priority and our commitment to their training, fitness and mental wellbeing is our motivator.

We know you will be happy with our service. 

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Master Hodson - East Grinstead & Oxted & Westerham

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LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday15:4516:15Children 3 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday16:3017:15Children 6 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday18:3019:30Children 9 – 13TaekwondoEG Juniors / Teens (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadMonday19:3020:30Adults 16+TaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday11:0012:00Adults 16+TaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday15:4516:15Children 3 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday16:3017:15Children 6 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday17:3018:30Children 6 – 12TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadTuesday19:3020:30Adults 16+TaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadWednesday16:3017:15Children 6 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadWednesday17:3018:30Children 9 – 12TaekwondoEG Juniors (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadWednesday18:3019:30Children 13 – 15TaekwondoEG Teens (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday15:4516:15Children 3 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday16:3017:15Children 6 – 8TaekwondoEG Dragons (BEGINNERS)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday17:3018:30Children 6 – 12TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday18:3019:30Children 12 – 16TaekwondoEG Juniors / Teens (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadThursday19:3020:30Adults 16+TaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday11:0012:00Adults 16+TaekwondoEG SeniorsBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday16:3017:15Children 6 – 12TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (BEGINNERS to Green Stripe)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday17:3018:30Children 6 – 12TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadFriday18:3019:30Children 12 – 16TaekwondoEG Juniors / Teens (Mixed Belts)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadSaturday9:009:30Children 3 – 5NinjasEG NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadSaturday9:4510:30Children 6 – 11TaekwondoEG Dragons / Juniors (BEGINNERS to Yellow Belt)Book Now
Fortitude – East GrinsteadSaturday11:4512:45Children, Family 7+TaekwondoEG FamilyBook Now


Literary & Social Institute, 49 Queen’s Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG

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what people say

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My son has additional needs and this is currently the only group he can access outside school and one of the very few group activities he has ever been able to do without a parent (the only other one being after school dodgeball). He has great trust in Master Hodson who is just so calm and a terrific role model to young boys. Pre covid19 we also appreciated the attitude of, and example set by the teenage helpers. These classes help to build fitness and self control, are fun, and are motivating due to the stripes to work towards between belts. Thank you
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When you are nearing your fifties should starting Taekwondo be something you think makes any sense. Well I believe it certainly does. Not only does it improve fitness, flexibility and control it certainly strengthens your mind, something that is invaluable in these uncertain times. Marry all that with what I believe to be the best school and instructors you could ask for who let you train and learn at your own speed with the right level of development and all the encouragement you could ask for. As someone who is now in his fifties and only 1 belt away from achieving my Blackbelt my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. Fortitude to me are like a second family and I will be forever grateful to them for all they have done and continue to do.
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I am almost 68 years old and started attending classes at Fortitude in 2015. I was very nervous when starting out on this journey of self-confidence and new friendships, but that didn't last long. Keeping fit and attaining new levels (black belt next up!) has been tremendous for me, not only physically but mentally. Classes are structured around a pace that suits my learning ability and the encouragement, helpfulness and comradeship from the instructors and fellow students, makes Fortitude a real friendly club, not just a school. I am always looking forward to the next class. My only regret is I didn't start 40 years ago!!! Thank you Master Hodson and team for giving me a new and thoroughly enjoyable purpose and outlook on life in the autumn of my years.
Parent & Student
Parent & StudentEAST GRINSTEAD
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My family have been involved with Fortitude academy for 10 years when my eldest son started when he was 4. Two of us are now black belts, my youngest a black stripe. This martial art is great for the family, bringing you together, it makes you fit, healthy, resilient and improves your mental health especially in these strange times we are in at the moment. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone, so why not challenge yourself and turn up to a class where you will be welcomed by great instructors.
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My sons attend Taekwondo, one is in Ninjas (3-5 year olds), and the other in Dragons (6-8 year olds). My elder son joined last year and gets excited every week he goes. He enjoys it massively!! My younger son is non-verbal autistic, and although some days he does not want to play ball, Master Hodson is fantastic with him. He is patient, kind, and always gets my son involved in the class! Mrs Hodson is also truly kind and approachable; it is a very friendly class. I am really pleased I introduced both my boys to Taekwondo, and I believe this will be their passion for a long time!! I would recommend Fortitude to all my friends!!!