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Martial Arts classes for the whole family! safe and friendly classes welcoming beginners. 

Start a Taekwon-Do class with Fortitude Southborough and benefit from martial arts classes and outstanding coaching which will bring out the best in you.  We cater for all ages, levels of fitness and experience, offering a coaching style that is designed to make you the best you can be.

Above all, we are dedicated to our students, and care passionately about our student’s progression, providing highly motivating and enjoyable classes. Our students love learning Taekwon-Do with us, and our syllabus covers: Realistic Self Defence Techniques, Fitness Training, Stretching, Patterns and Sparring.

Throughout lockdown we have taught an online training syllabus through zoom, and have maintained progression providing monthly gradings.  On top of that we have continued to host seminars and competitions, all online.  

Our students are our priority and our commitment to their training, fitness and mental wellbeing is our motivator.

We know you will be happy with our service. 

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Mrs Andrews - Southborough and Tunbridge Wells, and Burgess Hill

Free 2 Week Trial

Your trial is a FREE 2 Weeks, and there is no limit on the number of classes/locations that you can try during your trial!

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday9:009:30Children 3 – 6NinjasSTH NinjaBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday9:3010:15Children 6 – 8TaekwondoSTH DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday10:1511:00Children 9 – 16TaekwondoSTH Juniors/ TeensBook Now
Fortitude – SouthboroughSaturday11:0012:00FamilyTaekwondoSTH FamilyBook Now

Check out our schools nearby:

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsMonday17:3018:00Children 3 – 5NinjasTW NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsMonday18:0018:45Children 6 – 11TaekwondoTW DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsMonday18:4519:45Adults, Family 11+TaekwondoTW FamilyBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday17:4518:15Children 3 – 5NinjasTW NinjasBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday18:1519:00Children 6 – 8TaekwondoTW DragonsBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday19:0019:45Children 9 – 15TaekwondoTW Juniors & TeensBook Now
Fortitude – Tunbridge WellsWednesday19:4520:45Adults 16+TaekwondoTW SeniorsBook Now


Meadows School, 21 London Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 0RJ

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